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Íbero Botanica’s experience is evidenced from the successes at Verdex Group and JPD Capital and the year on year cultivation and successful sales to their pharmaceutical partners. Íbero Botanica is a new venture but not an inexperienced one.

Íbero Botanica has a laser focus on developing innovative and advanced genetic strains for its pharmaceutical and wholesale customers, ensuring that quality is always part of our product proposition, by delivering EU-GMP and GACP certified products at all times.

The Cultivation Yields

From our state of the art glass multi-tunnel cultivation facility, a 40,000 m2 (4 Hectares) greenhouse which provides enough scope to expand and scale our operations.

Initially producing CBD hemp whilst in parallel undergoing the relevant audits and licensing requirements for THC medical cannabis cultivation, 18 months after operations begin in 2021.

The operation has been designed following proven methods, that include 4 integrated greenhouses in a multi tunnel cultivation facility, on a flowering cycle ensuring a steady flow of production reducing costs, minimizing risks and increasing production quality.

We are forecasting initial annual production of approximately 24,000 Kg of EU-GMP CBD Hemp flower, a monthly production yield of 2,000 Kg. The second phase of operational scaling (18 months), we are forecasting annual production of approximately 19,200 Kg of EU-GMP medicinal cannabis THC flower, a monthly production yield of 1,600 Kg.

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