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Southern Spanish facility distributing premium CBD hemp and EU-GMP medicinal cannabis produce.

Íbero Botanica was born from the joint vision of two companies combining their expertise and skills, JPD Capital a medicinal cannabis investment fund-vehicle, and Verdex Group a CBD Hemp cultivation and pharmaceutical wholesale organisation.

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EU-GMP CBD Hemp Flower (Annual Forecast)
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EU-GMP Medicinal Cannabis THC Flower (Annual Forecast)

Who is Íbero Botanica?

The joint venture between Verdex Group and JPD Capital bring two essential and competitive industry sector capabilities into the new company: Agrarian science and a number of existing CBD hemp production sites in Andalusia, combined with financial services expertise and management and a successfully funded Zimbabwean medicinal cannabis operation.

Verdex Group is a wholesale producer of Hemp and currently own and operate several production sites across Andalucía, Spain. Verdex Group specialises in greenhouse cultivation and has active sales contracts throughout Europe. They have developed systems and techniques through several greenhouse cultivation projects to provide high-quality raw material under GACP conditions to the European hemp market all year round.

JPD Capital is one of the first of its kind in the emerging market of medicinal cannabis and Private Equity funding, seeking first-mover advantage in Medicinal Cannabis investment sector, with an accessible and transparent fund-vehicle. The Guernsey-issued fund vehicle provides access to a diversified basket of carefully selected medicinal cannabis start-ups and joint-ventures and is open to qualified investors and institutions globally.

Cultivation & Manufacturing Facilities

Íbero Botanica will build a total of 40,000 m2 (4 Hectares) of greenhouses to GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Process) standards, including a 1,000 m2 drying facility under GMP (Good Manufacturing Process). Íbero Botanica will be operating initially as a hemp production facility whilst in parallel undergoing the relevant audits and licensing requirements for medical cannabis cultivation, production and export.

Our Facility

  • Facility Cultivation Space 40,000 sq. m
  • Forecasted Initial Annual
    Production (CBD)
    24,000 Kg of EU-GMP CBD Hemp flower
  • Monthly Production Yield (CBD) 2,000 Kg
  • Forecasted Initial Annual
    Production (THC)
    19,200 Kg of EU-GMP medicinal cannabis THC flower
  • Monthly Production Yield (THC) 1,600 Kg
  • Plant Type Sativa hemp
  • Certification GACP/EU-GMP certified

Key Highlights

Íbero Botanica will initially supply Hemp and CBD extracts then will transition in 18 months to the cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis and harvest EU-GMP THC flower crops to qualified and licensed European cannabis establishments in the pharmaceutical industry.

Job Creation

23 new jobs in the country

State-of-the-art Facility

40,000 m2 cultivation site


GACP/EU-GMP certified

Monthly Production Yield

2,000 Kg


Products: CBD Hemp, THC Flower & THC Oil

EU Distribution

Existing Pharmaceutical customer agreements in EU regions

Expert Advisory Board

Scientific and commercial advisory board includes CDPRG


Access to Verdex Group existing customers for off take sales

Main Objectives

To become one of the leading producers in Spain of the highest quality medicinal cannabis for the European market, offering diverse strain selection through genetic research.
  • High-quality EU-GMP certified, consistent product
  • Monthly sales and capacity increasing steadily throughout the first operational year
  • Low production cost per gram
  • Net annual income to support operational expenses
  • High yield with low product and facility contamination risk
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